About Us
Marine Risk & Quality (MRQ) is a subsidiary of Lampe & Schwartze Group with its headquarters in Bremen. On the basis of our traditional mother company, which was founded in 1858, we have many years of experience and a world-wide network in the field of shipping and insurance at our disposal.

MRQ is specialized in the verification, assessment and providing solutions to all security related risks. Furthermore, we offer risk solution building and auditing- and optimization measures for all safety related business aspects of our clients.

With the help of our cooperation platform,  we bring together experts from the scientific world with evaluation and practical experience in order to cover all the  performance and competence fields of our clients.

Since the decline of bipolarity, an increasing amount of conflicts and international crisis have occurred. The world is not getting any safer, on the contrary, it seems to have become more and more unstable.  Currently, there are more conflicts than ever since the end of the second world-war.

The instability of entire regions brings with it high risks for governmental and regional implosion.  Extremely uncontrollable failed states have the potential to pose enormous threats resulting in unpredictable risks.

We stand at the edge of a maritime age, which requires an entire new concept of security policies, requiring measures for any possible scenario, which will affect the prosperity and stability of our continent. Only one indicator for this development is assured; the phenomena of piracy and the possibility of an increase in maritime terrorism.

For Germany, which has the third biggest trading fleet in the world, a strong focus on exports coupled with a lack of natural resources, this trend of a maritime threat holds particular significance. Threats and dangers from the sea always imply consequences for the main land. This means that there is always a strong relationship between sea and land risks.